About Me

Hi All

My name is Shannon and I am excited to finally get started on the blogging journey, I have always dreamed of writing but…

The nervous side of me has kept me afraid of what people might think to so I never got started and then the “OCD” side of me kept me paralyze at which was the best way to get started…never fear finally the bold side of me said caution to the wind lets get to it! So here I am…

A Few Tid Bits about me and my Menagerie:

  • I suffer from Narcolepsy, not like you see on TV where people fall out in the middle of dinner but I get the 2 o’clock after lunch sleepy spell that most of you get at your desk pretty much all day.
  • I married my best friend and soulmate almost 9 years ago. We have a yours mine and ours Brady Bunch 7 kids. Trevor 18, Jeremey 15, Twin girls Angelena & Angelquie 12, Mia 5 & Christian is 2. We had a little boy named Colin who would have been 8 this year but he was still born @ 37 weeks.
  • In 2010 we discovered Jesus and our lives took a dramatic turn and it has been an exciting journey but way harder then I expected lots of stumbling blocks along the way.
  • We are desperately trying to live on a Dave Ramsey Debt Free Cash Envelope Budget but fail at is miserably. I am the nerd Denny is the free spirit.
  • I have the makings to be a hoarder, but my husband is the ultimate “throw’er away’er” so we have a good balance
  • I have always been an obsessive people pleaser, but am slowly learning to break the chains and become authentic and open.
  • I really hope this thing takes off!!!

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