A Beautiful Mess

I just wanted to send a little quick encouragement today.

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Thru a series or trials and triumphs this last year (and years of therapy) God has been teaching me to embrace every bit of who I am…even the crazy parts of me…even the broken parts of my past. All of it! Not just the polished side I pretend to be, not the super organized well put together mom/wife/super hero I wish that I was….but the hot mess ring leader of a circus side show that I really am….more so who He had created me to be.

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Now hear me out on this one…I know what your thinking….but this isn’t some trumped up feel good message that your mom tells you so you don’t feel like the smelly kid on the playground that no one wants to hang out with…. But…this is actually a message rooted on God’s truth. download (3)

The bible says…

I am wonderfully and fearfully made…

That He knew me before he knit me together in my mothers womb…

That he numbered every hair on my head…

It also says that God is infallible…He doesn’t make mistakes.

That means He did not make a mistake in who He created me to be! I was made in His image.

…and to really get into the nitty gritty…God planned me (and you) for a specific plan…a unique purpose…that according to what the bible says….is for good and will bring glory to His name…

Greated for Glory

He created me and wired me exactly right to be exactly who He called me to be to complete that purpose….my quirky chatty cathy slightly codependent and less then punctual self…is not an accident or an after thought! I am a beautiful mess! And so is each an everyone of us!

Embrace ur story

And some times I look around and realize there aren’t many people who would have had the strength and perserverence to walk in my shoes…. God made me strong, and flexible! I am equipped with the right tools, personality, and character to handle the crazy that gets thrown at me on a daily basis… I enjoy my strength, and courage… maybe that is my trade off for punctuality.

In Isaiah one of my all time favorite go to verses 43:1-4…God says I am precious in His Sight!! He would Ransome nations for me!!

When is the last time your BFF (or BAE if your under 18) called you up and said…”Hey did you know you are so awesome….I would sell France for you”…

So why are these the people we allow to gauge our self worth? I mean if the Creator of the moon and the stars thinks I am awesome…guess what I AM STINKING AWESOME! I should care less what the lady is Walmart thinks of me

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That means….if passerby’s look at me like I am a the main attraction at the freak show…I better let my freak flag fly baby because I am HIS freak show!


My purpose and plan is unique…

So what if my house is a wreck and You can bet money that I have the loudest table at any restaurant… I am also loving and kind, patient… These virtues are valuable.

God created each one of us for a specific plan and purpose. We are unique. My plan is different from yours….clearly I would be different from you.

We waste so much valuable time,worrying about these nonsensical things! Let’s spend less time critizing and judgeing one another and instead build each other up learn from one another!

Man think of all the things we could accomplish if we weren’t riddled with doubt and insecurities….better yet think of what we could accomplish as a collective people if we harnessed our awesomeness and worked together…we could conquer the world!

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I will step off my soap box now and you can go back to your regulalry scheduled Facebook scrolling….Just one last thing…Learn to love who God called you to be and then embrace all of the differences of the people around you knowing the God wants each and everyone of us to play a special role on His plan.

We serve a mighty and awesome God.

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