Mission Impossible!

downloadFrist…an apology…I have been a terrible blogger lately.. and totally fell off the planet for a bit..life has been so super chaotic…but at last I was totally inspired today and remembered how much I truly enjoyed blogging and the peace and balance it brings to my super crazy world so…back in the saddle!

Mission Impossible!


I am always spinnging my wheels looking for some awesome new exciting way to slow the merry go round down and become more organized, better at time management, and super productive…(Pinterest is evil! and tricks you into believing everyone is Martha Steward!) This is generally a futile attempt at bringing a smidgen of normalcy into my freak show Ummmm I mean family…..Freak-Flag

Yesterday I downloaded this new app that is supposed to help you become more effective at reaching your goals. In the process of setting it up it asks you to write down me a mission statement for your life….

Seemed silly at first…but as I began to figure out what I wanted to write…the whole concept really got me thinking…what is my mission in this world? images

Seriously I spend 23 hours a day running at full speed in every direction and getting no where….but why? What’s the point? What’s it all for…images (1)

Finally here is what I came up with…

My Personal Mission Statement for Life

Over all my mission in the grand scheme of things is to know that when people encounter me they walk away better then they started.

I want to be a blessing to everyone around me

I want to live a life that is authentic and open. Using my short comings and trials to freely bring glory to God along with healing and hope to the people around me breaking down walls that have built on the lies told by shame and guilt.

A life full of love and laughter where I am gently reminded not to take myself too seriously, countinually prioritize my time energy, emotions and money in a way that reflects what I truly value.

To never stop growing, learning, and evolving working toward becoming the best me the God created me to be.

To love in a way that I can embrace the way God wired me and the people around recognize my true heart and see my strength and know when the chips are down they can count on me….because I am dependable,  “real” and full of love and the only person on this planet that God knew was strong enough to be the ring leader in this circus!

When I leave this world I will be at peace knowing that I will soon hear “Well done Good and Faithful Servant”….and the legacy I leave behind will be a husband who knows he was loved like no other and spent the best part of his life with his helpmate made from his very own rib and he is a better man because of it.

My children who will undoubtedly be in therapy for most of their lives…they only spend half of their therapy sessions blaming me for their craziness and the rest of the time knowing they were loved and cherished. They will live a life of integrity, filled with joy and over flowing with love… Always putting God first in everything they do and when people see them they see Jesus.

My friends, family, and coworkers will all have at least one sweet acetedotal moment they can look back on and remember me and the positive albeit wacky impact I made in their lives.

That sums it up right there in a nut shell….I will consider my life 100% successful…even if I don’t have a dollar in the bank and my laundry is never folfef again!

That gives a great perspective to view my schedule and ask myself….is the energy and time I am spending on this lining up with my mission statement?

Its probably time to re evaluate my priorities!

What’s your personal mission statement? I would love to hear from you! Comment below!

Pretedning to be normal

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