Frugal & Fabulous….3 Quick Tricks to help Stretch your Dollars while Maintaining Balance

After a chaotic yet fabulous week, I am ready to jump right back to our growth series Operation More Joy Less Stress


Welcome to Part 3 of our Life long project to de-stress our lives and thwart the enemies plan to let busyness creep in and over take our lives, together we are learning balance.

Balance in all areas of our lives. We have already touched of financial Balance in a previous post “The Dreaded B Word” and Emotional Balance in “Living an Authentic & Open Life” Which right now is my current focus area for balance because this is an area I truly struggle but when I step out of my comfort zone and share all of the crazy that is brewing under my polished exterior I truly the the ripple effect of God’s Love working with in me and thru me…I am learning this is a truly powerful.


The 3 part of our series Operation More Joy Less Stress, we are keeping it light and airy and talking about fun ways to save money and pinch pennies that don’t create more work for ourselves and in turn cause us more stress….We will become Frugal and Fabulous! I know there are endless tricks we all you use to stretch our family budget, so in the comment section please post your favorite ways to make ends meet for your family.



  1.  Cut the Cord & Break up with Cable (this was scary for my husband but stay tuned to a detailed post sharing how we decided to kick out Comcast Habit and are still getting entertainment! A few things we use in my house…Sling.Tv, Chormecast, and a Roku that we scored for FREE since we paid for 3 months of Sling.Tv in advance…all the while we are saving over a $100 a month)    save-money-12
  2. Digit – A brand new Automated Savings Service. A Virtual Piggy Bank that you link to you checking account and it tracks your spending habits. Then every couple of days its transfers money from your checking account in small amounts that you wont miss and transfers it into a savings accounts. Its amazing how quickly these small amounts add up! If you save $3 a day that adds up to almost a $1100 a year. At anytime you you can send Digit a text and she will transfer the money right back to your checking account. Best part the service is Totally FREE and Digit also offers a “no overdraft” guarantee!! I will be reviewing the service soon! I tried to sign up but my small town bank doesn’t link to their service just yet.                             Laundery products
  3. Make Your Own Laundry Detergent. – This recipe from Wellness Mama’s Blog has been an incredible source of savings for our family and its super easy!. I use the liquid recipe. Laundry is my arch nemesis, My crew does a heinous amount of laundry each day, and I am no ones Susie Homemaker by any Stretch of the imagination, making your own laundry detergent is actually super easy!

Using 3 only products and about 20 minutes every 6/8 weeks. I am able to make about 60 gallons of laundry detergent for less then $15….that’s just $.025 per gallon!

These are My top 3 favorites for Quick Tricks to stretch my budget that I am currently implementing in my mission to be more thrifty as part of Operation: More Joy Less Stress.

There are a million other super cool ideas I have been reading about on Pinterest that I want try but in my quest for balance I am slowly learning to stop trying to run in every direction at once. So in this particularly crazy season in my life sometime convenience (which is often the equivalent to the anti savings) is worth the extra expense when convenience means more time to focus on finding “My Joy”. For my family and my life style these 3 things offer a great balance of being frugal while not causing my self any more work which equals more stress.

Please comment below and share your families Balanced tricks of being frugal while staying sane!

Balance Qute 1

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