Living an Open & Authentic Life

In light of some personal strife our family suffered this week (which I pinky swore I would not make part of today’s blog)keeping-secret-253

I am taking a break from the financial awesomeness I intended to write about as part of my current growth series “Operation More Joy Less Stress” and instead I want to focus on another important aspect of balance in life.

Learning to be Authentic and Open

This is a an area I have struggled with my entire life. I am naturally a Positive Polly. That is the role I play in most of my relationships; and for the most part I enjoy that. I like to be the bringer of encouragement to people. I am truly an optimist; but sometimes this translates into me putting on a facade. Smiling on the outside when there is a sea of emotions churning just beneath the surface. Attempting to look polished and put together when I am a disheveled mess praying no one can see….

pretend smile

There was a point in my life I didn’t understand what the big deal was? No one has ever gotten hurt from being too happy…too nice…but in my search for self discovery I am slowly learning…what this really is….this is dishonesty. This is lying. We were called by God to tell the truth and tell it with love….

Here is the reality…when you are struggling and you feel lost and broken. There is someone else who is struggling with the same thing…but since no one talks about it we all feel alone. We look around at everyone else with their “polished seemingly well put together life and their Fakey McFakeinstuff smile” and we think…

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get it together? Why am I always such a mess?

It is time we all unite and Break this Cycle of insanity! Let’s start being Open and Authentic, share your struggles, hurts, and your wins with those around you.

Break the Cycle

Start living in truth, this is where the healing beings. You will be surprised at how closely your story parallels the people around you

real not perfect

For the moms out there do you remember when you bought home your first baby? Thru your whole pregnancy you dreamed of this precious bundle of joy that would make your life complete. Everyone that had a baby before you told you about how blissful motherhood would be….

Then you come home with this screaming pooping alien ready to suck the life force from you. Three days later your house is a mess you haven’t slept more than 2 hours at time and daily showering has become the lowest priority on your to do list?….How much time did you spend thinking…

Overwhlemed mom

What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get it together? Why is this so hard?concerned mom

How freeing would it have been if you were truly prepared for how hard it would be, if you didn’t have unrealistic expectations. If you knew your frustration was in line with exactly how you were supposed to be feeling….What if you knew that is how everyone feels at this stage.

Embrace ur story

Embrace your Story…

God designed us for community and fellowship. We were never supposed to shoulder life’s burdens alone. Suffering in silence is a lie from the devil that has been woven into this culture as the status quo

As the body of Christ we should always openly and authentically share all of life’s trials and triumphs with those around us.

For each season in life you will find yourself in the midst of storms… when you openly share your heart and your struggles you will be amazed that there is someone else who used to be right where you are. They have first hand experience with how you are feeling and the strength that you will need to get thru that trial.

Being able to share their story with you for comfort and support will be a blessing to them! They will get to use their past pain, and fears as part of your healing giving you hope to get you thru. They will then see then; that their pain had a purpose, their struggles and heart aches where not in vain. God had called them to be strong and courageous…this where the healing begins…This brings God Glory.

PUrpose Glory

On the flip side of that there is someone getting ready to be exactly where you are right now and they too have been told the lie of suffering in silence just as you had been; but you we be the one to break the chains! Be bold and use your story of strength and courage and give them hope.

No pretending

Never underestimate the power of community, fellowship and family. The Shame and Guilt that make us afraid to step out on our faith and speak with honesty about our struggles are the very chains that will keeps us in bondage to that shame and guilt forever. but we have already been set free the chains are gone…

Jesus Breaks the Chains

3 thoughts on “Living an Open & Authentic Life

  1. You are such an amazing writer. It can certainly appreciate what you are saying especially now while I am dealing with so much right now. Thanks so much for sharing your inner self.


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