Operation More Joy Less Stress


Happy Monday All!

If you followed along with Friday’s post “Are you for real!?!“….you know that thru my short stay in the big house I realized I needed learn to slow down and enjoy life.

Which if you know me you know it may be an easier feet to say….achieve world peace or end world hunger then for me to learn to dial it down a notch.

I was reading blog I often get great information on real life budgeting called “Growing Slower” she was writing a post on paying down large debt with even a small income.

She said two things that have really stuck with me….

#1 If it feel like it’s been too hard for so long just to make ends meet…

#2…instead of asking your self “why is it so hard” instead of asking ourselves “what can I do to meet the challenge at hand

This really got me thinking….and then I decided…you know what…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

The gauntlet is down!

(I shouted this and various other motivational kick butt things in my head using my best The Macho Man Randy Savage Voice I could muster)


So I have decided to start this series I am calling Operation More Joy Less Stress.Over the next couple of weeks I am going to explore different topics to help me reach this “Glorious Zen like Place of peace“….or maybe what might actually happen is I will have an extremely fun time driving myself and my loving family insane!

Either way you are along for the ride and you might learn somethings that could help in your own journey as well…and If not you are bound to al least laugh a little and learn what is best not to do in your de-stressing process

Stay tuned for post on:

  • Time Management Tips
  • Frugal Living Ideas
  • Side hustles/earning extra income
  • The Dreaded “B” word (shh it’s the budget post don’t tell my husband he will never read it!)
  • Spiritual Healing and Rest for your Soul
  • Finding Me Time

…..and what ever other nonsense I happen to stumble upon as I frantically (hmmm kinds defeats the purpose doesn’t it) try to learn to breath and enjoy the season we are in right now instead of trying to work hard to get to the season I want us to be in.

Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form an expert at any of these matters…obviously I am leaning more toward the exact opposite of an expert… not even on the winning side…BUT ya gotta start somewhere right? and as Lysa Terkhurst says:

Imperfect progress is still progress

So please follow along with me as I figure out how to achieve “More Joy and Less Stress”


I would love to hear any frugal living tips that you guys have tried or any sure fire side hustles to earn extra income….maybe a miracle cure for the hated budget….please please comment below and share! Don’t hoard up all the awesome It’s takes a village! Lol (That saying doesn’t exactly fit this situation but it is still really true!)

images (13)

We are in this journey together!



1 more thing….if you wouldn’t mind praying for me along the journey that’s would be super awesome!

Thanks for reading!  Excuse any typos, bad grammar or any other shenanigans dear baby Christian could not let me blog in peace!

Toddler Misbehaving


4 thoughts on “Operation More Joy Less Stress

  1. I love your challenge, especially that it’s about finding overall balance in your life, not just in personal finance! These are things that I am constantly working towards, More Joy, Less Stress, YES PLEASE! Congrats, and I look forward to seeing all the positive changes. I’m so humbled that my blog was a small inspiration for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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